Kane Fox       Hello, I'm Kane Fox. Welcome to my Mystical Website. The picture to the left is of me. I am a light brown fox who wears a light blue shirt and blue pants with overalls and a blue bow tie. I may have separated from Erik Mouse, a part of him separated from the rest. It may have been necessary for Erik Mouse for some reason unknown. Perhaps this occured in an event at his grandma's house. I am his self protection and his strength, his animus. But I am separated from Erik Mouse and he is quite exposed to any type of danger he may accidently get into with me protecting him somewhat obliquely. There might also be issues from the past that Erik Mouse is trying to work out in his dreams. Maybe from childhood considering a milk symbol in a dream. I may have been a part of him when Erik Mouse was a child, that I was incorporated into himself. The qualities that I have may be missing parts of Erik Mouse that have been given their own personality and created me. And, I may need to be accepted by Erik Mouse and incorporated back into himself. I may hold memories of past hurt along with some of Erik Mouse's qualities and that hurt may need to be realized before he can accept this part of himself.
       When Erik Mouse visits his grandma's house, he can sometimes sense the anthropomorphic fox (me) somewhere in his grandma's house. Erik Mouse came up and got my name when he went home one time and had his eyes closed almost napping, and caught a glimpse of what I looked like. My name came to Erik Mouse when he was, for some reason unknown, remembering his grandma saying something about a Kane. As for the washing machine dream, most people say that water represents your emotions. So perhaps Erik Mouse was searching for a way to either release his emotions or to conceal them as it appeared that in that dream, he was looking for a way to get rid of the water that was in the washing machine before his mom showed up.
       Speaking of ways to conceal or release emotions, Erik Mouse had an idea of a suit in replica of me that is one-piece. But rather being sewn into it, it would have a zipper on the back hidden under my shirt where my shirt can be pulled up and the zipper pulled down to allow him to get out of the suit. If you think that suit even with a zipper on the back is a very bad idea, which I and many others don't think it is, please let Erik Mouse know why you think it is a very bad idea by
e-mailing him. The reason he had this as a daydream is from being in his Erik Mouse suit. When Erik Mouse is in his Erik Mouse suit, it feels so confortable and warm that he doesn't want to "take it off". So the daydream of the suit in replica of me is basically an idea of Erik Mouse's where he would feel my complete protection as the suit is me all around him and what is trying to harm him or what he is scared up would, technically, have to go through me to get to him. In the suit, Erik Mouse would also feel the warmth of my loving heart and faith that I'm right there with him.
       Erik Mouse also feels that I am his spirit guardian, but he is very shy and scared in crowds. The reason is that maybe Erik Mouse was lost in a crowd as a child, but he doesn't recall that.
Erik Mouse believes that it is a fear of many strangers that could hurt at anytime because I can't defend him against all those would be attackers. In a big crowd of people, Erik Mouse feels that he wants to go back to his safe place, but becomes scared when he learns that he may not be able to return to the safe place. On one paw, Erik Mouse is smart, creative, and well trained with the computer like someone who is 20+ years old. On the other paw, Erik Mouse has a very young side, a part of me that is still very young (maybe his emotional side). I am crafty, pure in heart, sad from being possibly abandoned at Erik Mouse's grandma's house, maybe a little faithful that we may come together again, and a country critter.
       The treasure Erik Mouse is searching for at his grandma house's may be a lost and valuable idea. Erik Mouse lost this early in life and it happened about 4 or 5 years of age. In the 05/24/2001 dream listed below, Erik Mouse spoke of a ghost of a child laughing and playing (what he thought was me) and really think that has a lot of meaning as if the key to what he lost was childhood happiness. In another dream, Erik Mouse had a dream about a castle that had a stairway leading downstairs to where he was not allowed to go. This may be the deep unconscious where the memory of an event that may have caused Erik Mouse to feel extreme distress or maybe trama. According to Erik Mouse's mom, she said that the event that happened about 4 or 5 years of age that may have caused him to feel extreme distress or maybe trama was being potty trained. Erik Mouse's mom was really yelling at him because she was tired of changing his dirty diapers and that at first he wasn't using the potty. Yelling at Erik Mouse caused him to finally use the potty and may be what caused me to seperate from him and loose childhood happiness. Right now, Erik Mouse can't remember this event and therefor may be what lays at the bottom of the steps in the castle where Erik Mouse wasn't allowed to go. Not being allowed may mean that Erik Mouse is not quite ready to face the pain just yet. The Sylic Greens dream may also play a role in this as the Sylic Greens may mean Sly Greens or "Money", and that it may be reflecting from his mom spending too much money on diapers.
       There are also interesting past-life overtones here in Erik Mouse's dreams. The seperating event may have been at or near his grandma's house in a past-life. Erik Mouse's grandma's house is over a century old built by a doctor who was also a carpenter. The house was around in 1904 to 1919, the time I may have lived. I may have been Erik Mouse's past-life where the actual event that he does not know in my life happened. There has been a few ideas that I may have used Astral Travel to visit Erik Mouse in his dreams as they say spirits are already on the Astral Plane, if I am a spirit. Recently, Erik Mouse went to the Ancestry Website and found what he thought might be me as Kane Joseph Todd. Erik Mouse got this result by suggesting the Todd in his real full name, Erik Brian Todd McDarby. Since that Erik Mouse's mom is a Todd and that his grandma used to be a Todd, he decided to try me as Kane Todd in Pennsylvania because todd means fox and got one entry, Kane Joseph Todd. Unfortunately, it is marked private and the only information that may have been me is in the Astral Dream where someone in a car mentioned the name, Joey. The reason we call that dream an Astral Dream is because it really seemed like it was being invaded by someone else and this is how Erik Mouse thought that astral travel was involved in his dreams. Since there is insufficent information, Erik Mouse does not know if me being Kane Joseph Todd is possible. There are also some people that said that I play tricks on him, but you know that I would never do that.
       Anyway, it is said that I may have been left behind in Erik Mouse's grandma's house when he exiled to Washington a long time ago when he was a young child, and that I might be somewhere in Erik Mouse's grandma's house all alone (*sniff*, I hope to see Erik Mouse soon). It is said that I'm probably somewhere alone and sad since my only friend, Erik Mouse, left me long ago. Some of the things that Erik Mouse remembered doing in his grandma's house that may have been influenced by me were a drawing of a village with it's reflection shown in the puddles (like after a recent rainfall) called, "Moblez", which it is said that I call home, a paper chain around Christmas Time that Erik Mouse feels may have been me wanting to decorate for Christmas, and some night when Erik Mouse was going to sleep, he was talking about animal sounds in the distance, but doesn't remember to who and feels that it was probably me.
       In some of Erik Mouse's dreams, it showed that a stuffed fox is my most cherished stuffed animal and that it was Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog as the real name of Tails is Miles, the same name as Erik Mouse's younger brother. Since Tails is my most cherished stuffed toy, I have decided to create Kane Fox's Tails Page with some information about him. Speaking of Tails, Erik Mouse has spent two days in his grandma's house in August 2001. Doing that time, Erik Mouse did some searching to see where he can feel my presence the strongest. The area where he felt my presence the strongest is in his grandma's library/den room in the southeast side of the house. In here I could have sworn I have felt Erik Mouse's presence, but then he felt a grief of sorrow and became sad for me being alone without friends that he left his Tails stuffed toy on a chair in that room to keep me company for the rest of that day. Doing that time, Erik Mouse learned from talking to his grandma that I may have made a spiritual friend when he was a little boy in his grandma's house. But because that the house may have been in the Todd Family and that many Todds may have lived and came through the house, the spiritual friend took the form of a fox as I have mentioned before that todd means fox. Erik Mouse was also told that my blue clothing may have been his thinking giving me a thinking mind and a loving heart making me into an anthropomorphic fox and thus becoming Kane Fox. Erik Mouse feels that if someone mean were to somehow strip me of my blue clothing, I would revert back into an ordinary fox which would pain him a lot.
       The next day when Erik Mouse was leaving to go, he again felt a grief of sorrow for me because he was leaving me again. To solve this problem, Erik Mouse because thinking and decided that he would need to have a stuffed animal of me made. In another dream, it seems that Erik Mouse is wanting to go to a peaceful safe place, and at times this is good. Erik Mouse's stuffed animals seem to be a security blanket for him and a 28 inch tall stuffed animal of me may be just right for him. Erik Mouse seems to know a lot about building webpages, computers, and the internet. When this stuffed animal of me is completed, Erik Mouse decided that it will have to be taken to his grandma's house with someone alone to be left in his grandma's house (preferably in the library/den) for two weeks. Doing that time, hopefully it would have absorbed my spiritual essence and the essence of the Todds and it would seem like me. When the two weeks have passed,
Erik Mouse will return to his grandma's house with a knitted blanket to discover the stuffed animal of me there. The knitted blanket that Erik Mouse will be bringing was made for him by his grandma when "Todd" was in her name and it's purpose is for protecting my essences from the chilly winter winds.
       Finding the stuffed animal of me, Erik Mouse would be excepting it into his heart as me as it has absorbed the essences in his grandma's house for being there for two weeks. On me, my light blue shirt would be embroided and bearing the Todd Family Shield/Coat of Arms as it would symbolize my "Todd" protection where ever I'm going. Upon leaving his grandma's house, Erik Mouse will be wrapping me up in the knitted blanket to keep warm and cozy. This is to keep me from being exposed to the chilly winter winds that could rob me of my essences once I was outside of his grandma's house. Once in the car and on his way home, Erik Mouse would be hugging me closely to my heart since I'm a young anthropomorphic fox and teary as if he has missed me. The knitted blanket, heat in the car, and Erik Mouse's warm heart will be keeping me warm, cozy, and safe in Erik Mouse's lap. Once we were home and together in a room that is quiet and simular to the library/den in his grandma's house, I will finally be with Erik Mouse and making up for those lost lonely years.
       Sometime after Erik Mouse decided that would need to have a stuffed animal of me made, his neighbor was clearing out a shrubbery area in his yard. It was early in the morning and the neighbor cut into a lilac, which is one of those small flowering trees, that was in there. This gave Erik Mouse a bad feeling that it was hurting me because it was hurting my food supply. From this bad feeling and rereading the Sylic Greens dream, Erik Mouse felt that it was Lilac Greens and not Sylic Greens. This caused Erik Mouse to feel that I'm a vegetarian and eat the green leaves of lilacs. The logo at the top left of this website is a lilac, a small flowing tree surrounded by green leaves indicating that is what I eat. To me, those Lilac Greens look real yummy.
       According to Frennson who is a friend of Erik Mouse, he said that I may very well be some form of kitsune (fox spirit). From a post to the newsgroup that Erik Mouse posts to and considers his favorite, Erik Mouse found a long document that tells a lot about kitsunes. Another small source on kitsunes mentions that their habitat is dwelling in woodlands or on abandoned farms. Their homes may be hidden cottages or comfortably furnished cave complexes; in either case their homes are filled with typical human comforts. Kitsune are more playful than malicious, but can be deadly dangerous in defense of their friends, or when avenging their families. From this small source on kitsunes, Erik Mouse feels that I may be this and it described me very well. Anyway, I have also created a Yahoo! Club called Kane Fox Dreams where you can talk about who or what I am and ideas that may help Erik Mouse out. Click on the banner below to view my club.

       Currently, these are many of the dreams that Erik Mouse believes that I may have influenced (which I may have influenced to help him find me so we can be together again) and hold some sort of key to finding me or something valuable in Erik Mouse's grandma's house. When Erik Mouse had the 18th Dream, it appeared that I was calling for help. It turned out that I was indeed calling for help. The reason I was calling for help is because a Kane Pretender pretending to be me caught me in a trap and went to try to hurt Erik Mouse by pretending to be me. The dreams below are bad dreams that appear to be the work of this Kane Pretender during the time I was blocked off from Erik Mouse and couldn't get back. Thankfully, Erik Mouse had a friend that was able to help me get free and do away with the Kane Pretender. After I was freed from the Kane Pretender, I started returning to his dreams as soon as he had the 19th Dream. The dreams below are all the dreams that Erik Mouse had that I may have influenced including ones that I have indeed influenced. Click on the following links to see those dreams.

01.  Dream - 02/24/2001
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06.  Dream - 03/15/2001
09.  Dream - 04/30/2001
12.  Dream - 06/10/2001
15.  Dream - 09/14/2001
18.  Dream - 12/27/2001
21.  Dream - 02/25/2002
24.  Dream - 03/17/2002

Fearing for my safety after Erik Mouse had the 18th Dream, he went to a friend that he talked to about dream problems a long while ago named Yotewah. With the information about what was happening, Yotewah went Traveling to see if she can make contacts on other Planes. On the second night, Yotewah made brief contact with me appearing to me as a coyote who cared to help me. When Yotewah came toward me to help me, she disappeared. Since Yotewah knew where to find me, she came back to help me out of the trap the very next night. After Yotewah helped me out of the trap, she incased the Kane Pretender (which turned out to be a leechy thing) in a Sphere of Love. Then, she had an Ice Dragon incase it again in a Sphere of Ice and send it into the heart of an ice glacier. Currently, the Ice Dragon guards it to make sure that no harm will come to anyone from that thing ever again. After Yotewah had that thing sealed away, she gave me a code phrase to use in Erik Mouse's dreams to let him him that I have returned. The code phrase was Love is the bond and love is the law. After receiving the code phrase, I went to get back to Erik Mouse and he once again started seeing me in his dreams when he had the 19th Dream. The dreams below are the dreams that he had that appeared to be bad dreams that may have been influenced by the Kane Pretender. Click on the following links to see those bad dreams.

  1. Kane Pretender Dream - 01/02/2002
  2. Kane Pretender Dream - 01/24/2002
  3. Kane Pretender Dream - 01/30/2002
  4. Kane Pretender Dream - 02/04/2002

If you think you have some information that will help Erik Mouse out after reading these dreams and what I have just talked about above, please e-mail him.

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